Why DCARB is the industry leading Carbon Clean System?

  1. DCARB is the only system that has patented devices preventing a flashback or explosion; Hydrogen is very explosive and must be carefully managed.
  2. DCARB is the only system that has an exclusive, patent pending three stage filter that guarantees only clean filtered gas gets to the engine. This prevents caustic Electrolyte from entering and corroding engine parts.
  3. DCARB is the only system that has patented a visible Bubbler/ Filtration Tank that shows how much gas is being delivered to the engine.
  4. DCARB is the only system that can service two vehicles at the same time; this increases revenue and reduces labor costs.
  5. DCARB is the only system that delivers gas in volume within the first 4 minutes of operation. Other systems take up to 30 minutes to become productive.
  6. DCARB is not pressurized and shuts down immediately. Other systems are under pressure and often take 10 minutes before they stop producing gas!
  7. DCARB is the only system that needs just one gallon of Electrolyte; other systems use four or more.
  8. DCARB automatically controls proper Electrolyte and water levels.
  9. At just 130 pounds (60 KGs) DCARB is the lightest, smallest and highest capacity system available; other systems are much larger, less proven capacity and weigh 250 pounds or more.

Warm the engine and connect the hose to the air intake


Turn on the unit, letting the engine idle for at least 30 minutes depending on the amount of carbon build-up on the engine.


Rev the engine every 10 minutes to clear loosened carbon from the engine

Before buying a hydrogen carbon cleaning machine, make sure you asked the following questions:

How much Hydrogen does it produce?

DCARB can produce 20 Litres per minute within minutes. 4 Litre engines need a minimum 10 Litres per minute for a good clean. If they claim to produce 10 Litres or more, get them to prove it with a litre meter test. (https://youtu.be/7Thiag–ImY) Many don’t get close to what they advertise.

How is it powered?

If it’s powered via the vehicle’s battery it will not produce more than 3 litres per minute, that might be enough to clean a lawn mower or chainsaw, but that’s about it.

Does it have a flashback arrestor?

DCARB does. If a flame or spark ignites the hydrogen, DCARB’s patented flashback valve will prevent any explosion and continue operating as normal.

Can you visibly see the machine is producing Hydrogen?

DCARB has a clear barrel that shows hydrogen production.

Can they guarantee no KOH can enter the engine?

DCARB’s patented three stage filtration system ensures only hydrogen and oxygen enters the engine. In the unlikely event the final filtration stage is contaminated, water in our visible scrubber tank changes colour alerting the need to drain the system.

Does the vendor provide premixed electrolyte?

Mixing KOH can be potentially deadly, that’s why DCARB provides premixed electrolyte. DCARB is calibrated to use a precise concentration of water to electrolyte.

Can the machine clean two engines at once with the machine being continually monitored?

The DCARB machine can clean two engines at once, it also has two automatic shutdown cables that are connected to the engines battery to ensure hydrogen ceases immediately should the engine stop.

How do they clean pre-combustion parts of the engine?

The DCARB proprietary Cleaning Additive cleans the following parts of the engine that the Hydroxy gas can not.

  • Butterfly valves and rotating shafts,
  • Mass Air Flow surfaces,
  • Intake Manifold interior surfaces,
  • Intake Valves and Intake Valve Seats.

The additive is a proprietary non-petroleum, non-poisonous, non-flammable cleaning solvent that:

Can be sprayed in a fine mist into the engine’s air intake OR piped directly into the intake manifold. It loosens and dissolves shellac, residue and varnish from the parts listed above.