How It Works

Engine Carbon Removal

How it Works

The market leading DCARB unit uses Hydrogen and the engines own combustion process to remove carbon from the engine. Rather than storing highly pressurized and dangerous Hydrogen in your workshop, we create the Hydrogen (and Oxygen) on Demand by breaking down water by highly controlled electrolysis.

We plumb this gas into the engines intake to alter the combustion process. This Hydrogen and Oxygen combined create a vastly different burn characteristic within the combustion chamber removing the carbon that has built up over time.

‘A Spring Clean’ for your engine:

As emissions standards get more stringent, carbon build up becomes more of a problem every year. A DCARB will remove this Carbon Build up from your pistons, valves, cylinder head and exhaust. This results in an engine that has better compression, more free flowing gasses – What does this give?

More Power, Better Response and less Fuel Consumption.

Having less carbon in your engine ensures that the engine will continue to operate as it was intended, and will infect help the engine to last longer as the reduced carbon inside the engine will lower engine wear.

In side by side independent studies, they’ve found that a DCARB unit produces at least twice the Hydrogen as other leading units available on the market. Therefore, by ensuring your service is done by a DCARB unit, your ensuring the fastest most thorough clean available.

Safe for your engine:

Ensure your operator uses a DCARB Machine when removing Carbon from your engine. This is because only a DCARB unit has a special filter arrangement in it which will stop corrosive and harmful by-products in creating the Hydrogen.

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