How It Helps Your Business

Engine Carbon Removal

DCARB – The Profitable Choice for your Business:

Whilst its one thing to prove the product works, but the question is, does it provide a positive return on investment?

Benefits to your Clients:

  • Better Engine Performance
  • Better Fuel Mileage
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Smoother Running Engine

These are all advantages your Client will notice as soon as they drive their car!

Acquisition Cost

There are 2 methods of getting a DCARB unit in your workshop: Purchase or Rent.

Retail Price to purchase a DCARB Unit is $13,000.00, however trade discounts apply. To see if your business qualifies, take 60 seconds to fill out this form here and reveal your Trade Only Price

Rent options start at $300/ month for Trade Clients, $400 for Retail.

Income / Return

Hydrogen Carbon Removal Market Pricing is on average $180 for passenger vehicles and $400 for trucks per service. Therefore, if you were to take the renting option (long term higher cost option) you would need to complete 2-3 ‘DCARB services per month to break even.

 Operation Costs

This is probably the most attractive part of this business model. Its takes less than 5 minutes to set up and have the vehicle running. Technicians do not have to operate the machine, simply be near it completing other tasks. Power wise, it uses approximately $0.40 / Hour to operate (or $0.20 per service).

So its exceptionally cheap to own and operate.

Likely business case for Small Automotive Repairer:

Lets say your company services only 6 cars per day (low number), 20 working days in the month (again a low number). This is 120 cars per month. For this example, lets assume that only 10% will take the service (remember, sales and marketing material will be provided), that’s 12 cars per month.

Lets assume you’re charging the lower end of the market pricing at $100 / service. That’s now $1,200 / month. Even if your cost of the unit was the highest leasing cost, that’s still an additional $800 per month profit or nearly $10,000 per year.