Engine Carbon Removal

Welcome to DCARB

DCARB is a wholly owned Subsidiary of Hydroflex Technologies.

DCARB was created on the basis of using many of the patented technologies and providing them in equipment that was custom made for the Automotive trade.

Robust, Reliable, Profitable.

Management Team

Richard Connors – Founder, Director and Chief Technical Officer

Over 30 years experience in a variety of disciplines including Apache helicopter R+D, manufacturing processes, industrial design, software engineering and advanced process improvement.

Matthew Bailey – CEO

Matt brings 10 years experience within the Automotive and Diesel  industry. Was the CEO of growing company from 800K to $12M bringing new products to market. Was also previously Chairman of Pacific Power Association.

Ron Basset – Business Development Manager

Ron has previously founded successful marketing  and hospitality businesses and held sales management roles with large Australian companies including Telstra, Optus and Foxtel.

Mindy Sanders (ph: 575 520 6841) & Ren Draper represent DCARB in Missouri and Colorado.

The DCARB Product

Currently we have one product under the DCARB business unit which is our DCARB 20. This unit efficiently produces vast amounts of HHO. More information can be found here for Vehicle Owners or here for Business Owners